Issue 03 // BODIES

Issue 03 // BODIES

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BODIES is a celebration and exploration of the corporeal delights, nuances and complications of the human body. In a time and place where loving your own body is a radical act, where taking ownership of your body and using it as a site of self-expression and nonconformity is considered ‘out of the ordinary’, we bring you a collection of work which champions and explores the various experiences of having a body.

The content ranges from musings on pilgrimages to self love, discussions on abortion in Brazil and art as activism, to feeling displaced in and alienated by the sex-positive strands of feminism, reconnecting with our essential selves and the bodily effects of antidepressants, to navigating clothing as a non-cis person, and reflections on death.

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Content Warning

In this issue we discuss abortion, sexual assault, eating disorders, body image, body dysphoria, mental health, death, and other topics that some readers may find triggering.


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