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Please note: As we are such a small and new enterprise, we are unfortunately unable to pay writers and artists (or Boshemia staff!) for their work at this time. We understand that this is not ideal and can be a barrier for some people, and are working hard on finding ways to compensate those whose work we publish; this is one of our top priorities as Boshemia grows. In the meantime, please accept the humble apology and immense gratitude of the three Boshemia founders. Your energy and contribution is what makes Boshemia a truly remarkable community.

Submission Guidelines - please read before submitting.

1. We intend for Boshemia to be an inclusive, intersectional community and above all a safe space.

We will not tolerate proposals which promote hate, directly or indirectly promote erasure of voices marginalised communities, or explicitly or implicitly express prejudice against marginalised groups. This list could go on. It can also be summarised in the simple phrase: “don’t be an asshole”.

2. If responding to topical news or events, please be aware of the place that your voice has in that dialogue.

Do not speak over the voices of those more marginalised than yourself, or those whose voices are more appropriate to speak on the subject.

3. We retain the right to decide not to publish any finished article.

In this case you will be informed of this decision at the earliest possible opportunity.


4. We respect confidentiality.

We understand that you may not wish to have your name publicly attached to a piece of work. In this instance, please make this clear to us and we will guarantee to not associate your name anywhere with the finished piece.

5. Your work remains your own.

We retain no rights to work published on Boshemia by guest contributors. You are welcome to publish your written work on other platforms after it has been published on Boshemia, but you will be required to follow our branding/sharing guidelines. (Different terms apply for artwork, please message us for details).


These guidelines are to protect you and your work, us, and the Boshemia community. We intend for Boshemia to remain a respectful and positive space.

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