Frequently Asked Questions

Submissions FAQs

+ What can I submit?

The most common thing people ask about submissions is “what are you looking for?” The answer to that is simple—we’re looking for your voice. We don’t have a specific call-out as we publish a diverse range of work, from creative pieces to personal essays to satire to pop culture reviews to socio-political commentary to quasi-academic analysis to visual art pieces and video—in short, we’re open to everything. We welcome all formats, so choose whichever medium of expression carries your voice the best.

Note: we are not currently accepting poetry submissions.

+ How long should it be?

As a guide, a traditional article-style piece should be roughly 500-800 words long for blog publication, and up to 700 for print. However, this is more a guide than a rule, especially for alternative genres and formats.

For submissions of artwork we accept any size or dimensions, but if you are submitting for print bear in mind that we print in A5 size (148x210mm). Please make sure you are able to provide high-resolution versions to us for print, as work sent in low resolution may not be able to be printed.

+ How do I submit my work?

Please use the Submissions Form to contact us with your pitch for your work. This should be less than 300 words long and should briefly summarise the intended content and/or themes of your work. We will then get in touch with you to discuss your submission further.

Once a pitch has been approved we will give you a time frame for completion. After this deadline your article will be proof-read and, if necessary, returned to you for edits. We reserve the right to edit for grammar, typos and clarity. We will endeavour not to significantly alter the content of the article so as not to mask the author’s voice.

NOTE: We cannot always guarantee a specific date or time frame for publication, as our schedule is always fluctuating and changing. We will aim to let you know with as much accuracy as possible when we expect your piece to go live.

Please make sure you take the time to read the Submission Guidelines thoroughly before submitting. By completing the contact form you are agreeing to the terms.

+ How does Boshemia’s selection process work?

Your work is reviewed by our team of art and culture editors. We endeavour to publish bold, creative works that uplift and engage in the feminist community, and fit our tone and beliefs cohesively. If we feel your piece does that, we publish.

When will I know if my work is selected or not?

We will notify you about the status of your piece within one month of your submission.

General FAQS 

+ How can I pre-order Boshemia Magazine?

Please see our online shop to order your copy.

+ Where can I purchase Boshemia Magazine?

Online and in select stores across UK and US. Check our Stockists List for locations.

+ When can I expect my online purchase?

Becuse the Boshemia staff are scattered around the world, your purchase can take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

+ How can I contact Boshemia?

Please get in touch with general enquiries via the contact form.