Snuggle Up and Keep Your Eyes Closed

Sam Roach

Sam Roach

It’s common to have found yourself in a 9-5 that you dread waking up to every morning. If you feel this way, you are part of the majority. We ‘live for the weekend’. That is to say, if most of our weeks are spent as cogs in some corporate machine, on the weekends we gain back our autonomy and enjoy our lives.

Monday morning you hear that dreaded ‘get up to much this weekend?’.  Jen went kayaking and Truan took a trip to Bath with some friends. You could say ‘Oh I just stayed in bed mostly’ but there’s that unspoken expectation. Who’s really living a good life outside of the office?

Truth be told, living for the weekend is a lot of pressure. You spend five days working and you’re supposed to pack in adventure, and general life maintenance like shopping, cleaning and doing laundry into two days? Two damn days?

Here’s what I propose. Imagine you’re in bed in freshly washed sheets. It’s breezy outside and there’s a slithery crack in your window that brings in a gentle breeze. The air is just icy enough, as it caresses your skin, to make a shiver run up your spine. You rub your fluffy socks together and bring your duvet close to you. You clutch it tightly and retract into yourself as much as possible. You nestle in. Try to sink further into mattress and further into the pillow. And in that moment is bliss. The simplicity of just existing and being warm, comfortable and secure. In that moment you are enjoying a pleasure of the human existence. You’re enjoying life. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

In this age we hold in our hands strings that connect us to the whole world. Everything is visible. With bigger vision comes bigger expectation. But we forget that simplicity is still enjoyable. You don’t have to be going off hiking and clubbing to enjoy life. You could be wrapped up, breathing slowly, content.