A Boshemia Milestone: The Past Three Years

Letter from the Editors

Three years ago, three intrepid young minds set out to make a platform to share creative work of our communities around us: womxn, nonbinary and lgbtq folks. We shared personal essays, art, political commentary, and poetry. Now, we teeter on the precipice of a grand leap into a new, exciting, significant chapter in our growth as a publication.

Yes, a publication. We have evolved from a for-fun best friends blog to an internationally-sold print magazine, read and contributed to by people the world over. How astonishingly wonderful is that?

We have also grown and evolved as a unit. We began as three friends in our early twenties, fresh out of university; we proceed today as sisters, as business partners, as an impenetrable, united force. Boshemia bursts at the seams with love and energy because the three founders burst with love and energy for one another. We lift each other up, we stand with each other in solidarity, we impart often hard-to-hear advice and tough love. We exemplify the community of womxn that we aspire to reach and, most of all, touch with our work and our platform.

As storytellers and activists, we have carved out our own little niche for ourselves in independent publishing. We are curating our fifth print issue, Origins. We have a distributor in London. We are stocked in over 50 bookshops, record stores, art boutiques and fancy department stores throughout the UK and east coast of the USA. Our team of three has expanded to ten staff of designers and editors who share our passion and urgency to produce independent feminist media.

Boshemia is a beautiful “fuck you” to the gatekeeping of journalism and the art world. We represent the experimental, the new, the up-and-coming, the outspoken, the underrepresented. Boshemia is a space for the voices of womxn, non-binary and queer folk to exist and express themselves unapologetically.

It has, above all, been a beacon for us. It has been our life raft, our saving grace, our purpose these past three years. It has given us reason when all else fell away. It has been the guiding beacon as we beat ceaselessly against the waves that would otherwise drown us, and kept us buoyant.

Boshemia is a gift.