This Is How Two Women Have Sex

David Cohen

David Cohen

By Emily Blair. This poem appears in Boshemia Magazine: Technology & the Sublime and in her collection We Are Birds by Dancing Girl Press.

this is how two women have sex [i]

I wear galoshes.

She holds a thickly woven net

between her hands & asks

if I know how to play cats in the cradle.

I tell her, much like hopscotch & jacks,

that’s a fake-ass game our grandparents made up

so we could entertain ourselves



She calls me petulant.

Maybe she’s right.


Maybe the net between her hands is clitoris

or I am swordfish


or without purpose

we float on some boat once named ship

we once pulled with long oars

toward whales breaching, beaching, waving


as if we knew them.