Kavanaugh Confirmation // The Sergeant In Arms Will Not Restore Order To The Gallery

There’s a video circulating right now of human lizard Mike Pence trying to confirm human foreskin and rage ball Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court after the Senate voted to back him 50-48. He repeatedly fails to get in a sentence before getting interrupted by screams from the protesters outside in the gallery of the US Capitol in Washington D.C. These aren’t normal protest chants that we’ve become used to, these are genuine screams of horror. The rage, anger and anguish are palpable.

“The sergeant at arms will restore order in the gallery,” he says three or four times, to little avail. The screams get louder, they get angrier, he continues to bang his gavel and tries to look unfazed by the screams of a few protesters echoing the screams of women throughout the nation.

Political Analyst Zerlina Maxwell said it best on Twitter: “These women are screaming for our literal bodies and lives.”

These women are screaming for our literal bodies and lives.

— Zerlina Maxwell (@ZerlinaMaxwell) October 6, 2018

The reproductive rights which are now at risk nationwide are screaming.

Sexual assault victims are screaming. We’ve been screaming non-stop since our first assault. We’ve been screaming since the now-leader of the free world admitted to “grabbing women by the pussy.” We screamed when he got elected, and we screamed when we found out that 53% of white women had betrayed their gender for racial complacency and proximity to power (Susan Collins we are looking at you right now).

We’ve been screaming since the most powerful name in Hollywood was revealed to be a serial rapist and abuser; since then countless other powerful men have been named as abusers, assaulters, or just pieces of scum who uphold the status quo of men and women getting abused and silenced. Over the past year, thanks to movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, we’ve finally been given a voice!

Oh wait, turns out nobody cares!


Christine Blasey Ford gave testimony at Kavanaugh’s job interview, during which the candidate showed himself to be an angry, rageful, blithering excuse for a man who kept crying about how much he loved beer. Since apparently, it’s not The Done Thing to believe women, her graceful, brave testimony needed further half-baked investigation from the FBI in which they casually forgot to interview key parties involved. They did, however, provide a 1,000-page report which senators were generously given an hour to read.  Meanwhile, the President mocked a sexual abuse victim who sacrificed her anonymity, private life and dignity in hopes that this excuse of a man wouldn’t get a lifetime position which has a ruling decision on the rights of women throughout the US. While he mocked Ford, the rally attendees laughed; they clapped, they cheered, they whooped as the president mocked a sexual abuse victim. (For real though, why is this chode still doing rallies? what is this, 1945?)

While they laugh, we scream.


If they don’t want to listen to our words and our stories, we’ll make them listen to our screams. We’ll continue to scream in front of the Senate, in front of the White House, in front of Trump’s shitty buildings. We’ll scream into envelopes and send them to our senators. We’ll scream on our way to the polling booths, and we’ll scream as we vote all 50 senators who voted yes out of power. We’ll utilise our rage to make change, seeing as we can’t rely on the people in power.

We’ll scream until they stop laughing and start listening.

The sergeant at arms will not restore order in the gallery until we have some order restored into our god damn lives.