How To Not Take A Joke // On Michelle Wolf, Smokey Eyes and Outrage


Political comedy has become a little stagnant recently. When the current US administration is such a joke it's hard to make proper jokes about it. There was one evening in late night when literally every single late night host made the same joke. Don't get me wrong, I still love Seth Meyers and Samantha Bee, but sometimes when the jokes aren't predictable, they're just sad. Political comedy needs some better material; there are only so many Trump jokes you can make, we need to start attacking the rest of the squad and really ruffling some feathers. On an unrelated note, did anyone watch The White House Correspondents Dinner?

Michelle Wolf Is My New Hero

Michelle Wolf was a comedian best known for her time on Late Night with Seth Meyers, as a correspondent for The Daily Show, and for her HBO special Nice Lady. She is now best known for her public slaying of the Trump administration at the White House Correspondents Dinner. The WHCD is an annual tradition where politicians, press, and B list celebrities sit in an overcrowded room at the Hilton and watch a roast. Prior to this year, the two most famous WHCD speeches were by Stephen Colbert in 2006 where he roasted George W Bush to a level where everyone in the room was visibly uncomfortable, and Seth Meyers, who alongside President Obama, slayed Donald Trump so badly, that it (allegedly) hardened his resolve to become president. Seth, Obama, you know I love you guys, but in retrospect, the jokes may not have been worth it.

Last year’s showing was a funny, but slightly tepid, showing from Hassaan Minaj. This year, the WHCD associated opted for Michelle Wolf, a relative unknown who has now officially made her name.


Everyone knew that Trump wouldn’t be in attendance — he hasn’t been since his 2011 public flaying. So instead of going for a few easy, predictable Trump jokes, Michelle Wolf decided to destroy other members of the toxic administration, including Ivanka Trump, KellyAnne Conway, Mike Pence and, now famously, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. For your enjoyment, a few of her best burns. Have the ice at the ready.

  • Mitch McConnell isn’t here tonight, he had a prior engagement. He’s finally getting his neck circumcised. Mazel.

  • “I’m never really sure what to call Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Is it Sarah Sanders, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Is it Cousin Huckabee? Is it Auntie Huckabee Sanders? Like, what’s Uncle Tom but for white women who disappoint other white women? Oh, I know, Aunt Coulter.”

  • On CNN: “You guys love breaking news, and you did it, you broke it! Good work! The most useful information on CNN is when Anthony Bourdain tells me where to eat noodles.”

  • “Sarah [Huckabee Sanders] burns facts and then uses the ash to create a perfect smokey eye.

In summary, Michelle Wolf is a hilarious badass, and exactly the kind of voice the male-dominated comedy circles need right now. Instead of the standard chubby white dude comedian punching down, let’s have more badass women using zingers to throw shade at those in positions of power.

Stop Using Feminism To Defend Terrible White Women

Immediately after the WHCD, people (republicans) jumped to the defence of SHS in the name of feminism! How dare a woman insult another woman; especially a woman who literally makes a living from lying and spreading false information. Given that SHS is the daughter of failed presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, it’s probably fair to assume that she has similarly abhorrent views to her father on feminist issues like abortion (apparently even a sin when a 10-year-old rape victim tries to get one. How very Gilead). Even if SHS’s feminist views aren’t too easily googleable (I tried for ten minutes in the middle of a shift at work so #multitasking), she’s upholding a president who thinks that there should be some form of punishment for abortion, has referred to women as dogs and pigs, claimed that Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever,” when challenged at a debate, has said countless of disgusting comments about Hillary Clinton, and lest we forget, once bragged about grabbing women by the pussy. None of this can be defended by even the weakest of feminist, and none of these pearl-clutching fauxminists who are up in arms about the WHCD said jack shit about any of these comments, but as soon as a woman on their side gets insulted, suddenly everyone is brandishing the suffragette flag and speaking out for female camaraderie.


Right-wing pundits and lazy reporters were quick to claim that Wolf attacked SHS’s looks and how shameful that is! (Obviously not shameful when the president does it but regardless). Slight issue though; her looks were never insulted. If anything, saying that she had a “perfect smokey eye” is a compliment. I’ve been playing with makeup for years and I still struggle, so good for you Sarah! Claiming that Michelle Wolf insulted SHS’s looks for a cheap joke is about as lazy as using someone's looks as a cheap joke; Michelle Wolf is too smart for that, and she’s too good for this faux outrage backlash.

The fact that the president has such poor views on women actually is a feminist issue. Michelle Wolf slaying SHS at a roast is not.