Bo-Arts // Woman of the Year (Part 4)

Bo-Arts is a bi-weekly art/literature initiative. Twice a month,  Boshemia will share creative writing and visual art submissions from our readers and folks who identify as feminist to give a larger audience to emerging creatives. Our goal is to provide a platform for feminist artists to share and discuss their work. This issue of Bo-Arts, Woman of the Year: Part 4, is the fourth installment of the poem-and-photography collaborations brought to you by a duo from Frederick, Maryland, USA.  Anna See-Jachowski is a poet and feminist thrilled to be working with Boshemia. Anna, her partner Matt, and their four cats live in Frederick. Emily Jessee is a young feminist creative who uses platforms like photography to portray the harshness and vulnerability of the world around her.

About the Series

"These poems are part of a series I plan to self-publish this year, titled Woman of the Year. Each poem represents a period in a young artist’s life in which they find love, a muse, and desperately seek the meaning of that experience. The five poems are a taste of what the series will offer, and explore the deadly combination of desperation and anger felt when a lover leaves;  the lovely vulnerability of falling asleep around people you love; the ritual of hedonism in summertime; and finally, the artist’s banishment of her muse for the sake of her own recovery from trauma." - from Anna


we are myth.

three witches

am i.

three frauen,

a single journey

that put you right


back where you started

without a dutiful




only a goddess

times three

could keep you

from a lost


that’s far from



don’t you see,

my little warrior,

you forgetful general?

that i (we) three

cannot let you go back there

in good conscience

(in good standing).


it was never written-


you were sullied,

you were kept-


you were almost convinced that

you’d made

a perfect landing.


oh admiral,

you were always a


a decimal of

eternal thirst in a

cup of salty water.






only in a dream.


tied to the earth,

knots of the dying


work their way through

your rafters.


walk outside,

hear me call,


and hereafter.

You can find more of Emily's photography here.

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