Boshemia Gives Thanks

It's that time of year again.

Awkward family gatherings, a shit ton of turkey and pumpkin, and a general guilt amongst the white American population about the origins of the holiday.

Thanksgiving, no matter its origins, history or current associations, is a wonderful moment in the calendar year; a rare moment of widespread calm and togetherness. It is a time when Americans finally stop and take a moment to reflect on the things that they are truly thankful for.

With 1/3 of Boshemia being American,  it seemed only fitting to stop and reflect ourselves on what Boshemia is thankful for.


1. Let it not be forgotten that we are a mere seven months old. In that time frame we have grown by astronomical proportions, more than we could have ever hoped and dreamed. Since we started in April we have only had four weeks with no posts. Almost every single week for the past 34 weeks we have featured at least one voice from the intersectional feminist community and have been received by an average of 318 readers per week. That is something that we are deeply thankful for.


2. We have a truly global readership.In our short time as a blog we have reached readers in 94 different countries. Yes, thanks ninety-four. There are 196 countries in the world. In just seven months we have reached 48% of them. We are very thankful for that global reach and for what being able to access these voices might mean to them.


3. Following on from that, we are thankful for our growing support base and for the select people who constantly and dedicatedly support, participate in and promote Boshemia. We love you, and we are thankful for your continued emotional investment.

4. We are thankful for our increasingly diverse readership, including multigenerational writers. It is too easy to blame the ~older generations~ for red voting and right-wing wrongdoings. Not always so. It is our dream goal that one day Boshemia will represent all manner of diversity, but for right now we are continuing to strive towards that goal.

5. Boshemia is endlessly thankful for the input of our Friends & Boshemia Babes; in particular our regular guest writers Elisha Pidcock & Taylor Wear; future producer of our podcast and general all-round badass Erin Ammon; USA supporters Kyran Soleil and Gabi Reis; Shabby Cat Theatre; Thespis Project; WSP Productions; and many, many more beyond this list.


6. Last but by absolutely no means least, Boshemia is thankful for the irreplaceable friendship we have with one another. We are thankful to be part of such a progressive and forward-thinking community; we are thankful to be in a position that empowers us to speak out against injustices; but we are endlessly thankful for each other. We know how immensely fortunate we are to hold such a close and passionate bond and will do everything within our power to maintain and uphold the integrity of that bond. Together we are strong; we are fierce; we are Boshemia.