Bo-Birthdays // Q & A with Nasty Women


For L and Q's birthdays, the first of Boshemia history, E put together a little Q & A to honor them. Read on to get to know your staff writers and why their birthdays are so fabulous.

E: What are your astrological signs?

L: I'm a Scorpio! Supposedly Scorpios are passionate, dedicated and loyal. I'd say that's pretty true of myself, and of Q also.

Q: Scorpio represent! Apparently, Scorpios are also mysterious (which sure I guess), and sexy as fuck which is most def true for L.

E: When did you first meet?

L: We first met in UPAD [University of Plymouth Amateur Dramatics] in our first year of university, four years ago now. We were such babies then! I remember being totally jealous of your hair. I actually found a photo album on my old computer earlier today titled "Nerdfighter Outing" which is an album of photos from one of our first nights out together.

Q: Yep, we first met in UPAD  and hit it off almost immediately. I remember really being struck by L's quiet confidence and, of course, her acting was incredible.


E: Describe your friendship in a word.

L: In one word: synchronised.

Q: Encouraging.


E: What did you wear to your birthday bash?

L: For our birthday celebration I wore a dramatic black floor-length vintage 70s gown with a lace cleavage window and batwing sleeves. Paired it with my brand new red Mac lipstick and purple vintage heels & did my hair in a huge bouffant. Somebody observed that it was very Kate Bush-esque. I dug that comment.

Q: I wore this long green vintage style hippy type dress. It wasn't necessarily something I'd normally go for but I felt like a fierce af fairy princess. Also I wore shoes designed by Satan himself. Burgundy heels with a gold trim - they looked good but it was not worth it. Regrets.


E: Favorite memory of your friendship?

L: Not so much a specific memory, but more a specific _thing_ that happens every time we reunite. Without fail we always switch from our usual selves into totally delirious giggling idiots who make the same incessantly terrible puns and jokes almost simultaneously. That's my absolute favourite thing about our friendship - it's very natural and we're very much on the same wavelength.

Q: Again, not so much a specific memory, but almost every time we're together we somehow end up laughing at something completely inane for like ten minutes while everyone around us just looks uncomfortable and bemused. Oh a concrete memory: after a shitty break up I called L at like midnight on a weekday and she immediately summoned me over to hers for alcohol and cuddles. The Scorpio loyalty is SO strong.


E: Best cocktail together?

L: My favourite cocktail is the Long Island Iced Tea, but I am convinced that that's almost entirely down to the fact that I associate it with a wonderful memory of drinking pitchers of it with Q and E in a South American restaurant in Plymouth and getting far more tipsy than we had intended. That's such a warm and glorious memory.

Q: Almost definitely the Nasty Woman. We recently invented it for a typical get-together and it is divine. Recipe coming this week!


E: What are your roles for Boshemia blog?

L: We seem to be in a stage in Boshemia where we're really starting to define our roles more clearly. I would say that mine is emerging with a sort of admin/marketing slant, doing things like maintaining the website and checking stats and making post schedules.

Q: I suppose I'm the social media person? Pft I dunno I just write posts and make shitty jokes on twitter.

E: What's a typical day for you together when you aren't hosting parties or having meetings?

L: Outside of hosting & meetings our days together almost always involve cocktails or gin and good food. Often shopping or Bowie, sometimes writing and sometimes pyjamas, but always a certain elevation from day-to-day life. Another favourite thing about Q is that just her presence in my life challenges and encourages me to be a better version of myself. If I'm going out to meet Q I'll take a little more care presenting myself; I often consider what Q would think before I speak in certain situations. Time spent with Q is on an entirely different level to all the time around it.

Q: Typically we'll drink lots of coffee, wine and gin, listen to fierce and fab music. Often we'll hit up a tiny previously undiscovered vintage shop and buy something fabulous, then make future plans about when to wear said item of clothing. Everything just comes stop easy and natural; we make the same puns, love the same shops and restaurants, it's always just so smooth and relaxed. The thing I love about L is that she's completely grounding; if I'm caught up in my headspace or stressed or anxious or something, L's mere presence just brings me back and makes pretty much everything better. We could spend the day running around town in the rain drinking coffee and cocktails, yet I'll still feel so much more relaxed and centered.

E: Dream friend date?

L: Dream friend date would absolutely be just hopping across to Paris to meet with Boshemia for lunch at some gorgeous patisserie serving Champagne and almond croissants, wearing glamorous shades and Breton stripes and planning our world domination in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. GOALS.

Q: Dream friend date (other than Paris of course) would be heading to Manhattan, hitting up some theatre, then finding various hipster shops, bars and coffee places while we make terrible puns and walk effortlessly in heels. Goals.


E: Who would you both invite to your Sarah Squared ™ birthday party if you could invite anyone?

L:  If it were humanly possible, I would have ensured E's attendance there. There was a palpable sense of a vital missing part on Friday night - it felt so wrong to be without our third member. We had a fabulous time, but having her there would have been the icing on the cake.

Q: E 100% should have been there and there was a little void all night. But if we're thinking even bigger, Hillary Clinton and I share a birthday and I genuinely think she'd be a fun drunk. Also if David Bowie could have turned up that would have been AMAZING. I mean I know he's dead but a girl can dream.