Letter from the Editor // Vol. 1




Since launching in early April, Boshemia has truly come alive. We have published 15 articles since last month, and have just opened our doors to guest contributors— keep an eye out for our call for submissions soon! Excitingly, we have been recently featured as an Editor's Pick from Wordpress Discover, which jettisoned our global following on Wordpress. Our presence is steadily gaining momentum across all of our platforms, thanks to dedicated readers like yourself who are united in their passion for sharing feminist media.

To date, we have written candidly about reproductive rights and the pro-choice movement, profiled the junior doctors' strikes and women's labor in the United Kingdom, delved into historical beauty trends and women authors you didn't know existed, discussed the politics of body hair and bleeding, expressed the experiences of young motherhood and of being a millennial at the movies, and given sentimental anecdotes about the cultural relationship with food and loved ones. Clearly, we have a lot to share with you.

There is great joy to be had in basking in and commiserating on pop culture and the happenings around us. There is much media to be consumed and enjoyed, through our feminist lens and simply together as millennial women. Our stories as women around the world have value.

But most importantly, with Boshemia, we are here to reflect, provoke, and to take bold stances to move ever forward in the feminist movement. We will never stray from our mission: to connect, share and educate.

We are here and staying, for as long as there is still discussion from people who don't "get" feminism, or think of our movement as a momentarily trending hashtag—

for as long as there are still men and women who approach me and say, "I admire your newfound passion for women, but I don't think it's necessary" or think that feminism is a hobby I have recently undertaken (since when are human rights a hobby?)—

for as long as articles like "I am a Female and I am So Over Feminists" continue to proliferate on my newsfeed—

for as long as we are treading water, during such a crucial point of the American election season, with 2016 becoming the year of bathroom politics and women's rights in the face of demagogues like Trump and his absolutely heinous treatment of women

for as long as people still don't consider women's rights to be human rights—

"No thanks, I'm for everyone's rights okay? Not just women."

Not just women.


It's a dirty word, isn't it?

Boshemia will be here, writing with you and for you, sharing stories like our grandmothers did on front porches, and singing like rioters through megaphones in the street. Let us help change the connotation of modern feminism with you.


Eileen xx