Do You Believe in Pride After Pride?

Are you feeling blue now that the end of Pride month is upon us? Well don’t pack up your rainbows just yet! Boshemia’s Staff and contributors got together to discuss the ways we keep the spirit of Pride alive all year long. Here’s some of our thoughts.


I love wearing something that makes me feel especially queer. For me personally, that’s taking an opportunity to dress in a way I can’t in my day-to-day adult life. As much as I would love to sashay to work in my bright pink crop accompanied with floral headband and pentacle choker it’s not considered especially appropriate. Until it is, I shall endeavour to be bold and colourful on my days off. Even if it’s just to take the rubbish out.



Making an active point of filling my social feeds with queer excellence and removing hurtful, unproductive or triggering discourse.  And, although it may be small, having my tiny lil’ pin badge on my denim jacket really makes me feel proud.


I inhale any and all queer media I come across and relay it to my friends. And, similarly to L, I collect pin badges for my jacket that give off strong Bi vibes.



I proudly rock my “Make America Gay Again” sticker on my laptop in public spaces (a small triumph) and my rainbow Babadook pin on my denim jacket (s/o L and Chris for #denimjacketclub). I also make a point to read predominantly queer lit and graphic novels (Paper Girls!) to help surround myself with the Pride spirit. Most of all, I lean into my queer community everyday for their friendship, love, and affirmation.


I listen to Kylie. I go outside wearing what I want. I strut. I call people out on their bullshit in spaces I feel safe to do so. I avoid spaces I know I won’t feel comfortable in. I challenge my biases. I take time to myself and alleviate the many societal pressures (to conform, to be the model queer person, to be trans enough, to be loud and fun, beautiful, an activist, even proud). Most importantly I speak to myself and about myself with kindness and compassion, because self-deprecation is pride’s nemesis.

Boshemia Family

We here at Boshemia, alongside our friends and loved ones, have cultivated a grand tradition of getting together every so often and having a really gay night in (see issue one’s Soiree Away, for details on how best to host). It’s a night of cocktails, great food, and intensely competitive lip-synchs. Seriously, at our last soiree we all had at least three outfit changes and flooded a secluded cabin with glitter and sequins. Our bonds of queer friendship blossom anew when we’re together and they scatter moments of Pride across the year.

From all of us to all of you, stay strong throughout the months that are less rainbow than this one.